Youth sharing their experience after visiting our Marie Stopes Center, Biratnagar

On 3rd April 2018, a group of young men visited Marie Stopes Center, Biratnagar which is one of our Youth Center. They came to Youth room were they were welcomed by Service Providers. In conversation with them, we came to know that they have visited the center before. They came to know about the center through our pop up volunteers who have visited their school to take Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) session nearly a year ago. After the session they came to visit the youth center. They liked the SRH session and wanted to take detail counseling from the service providers. So, they are back again to read the books, meet the team and take services. They found service providers very youth friendly. They also told us that they will refer their friends to visit Center where they can get SRH counseling. We have collected their feedback which has been mentioned below:

Rajib Thapa, 17, ”I came to know about STI, ad i can even talk about it with my friends without hesitating after visiting the center”

Basant Yadav, 16, ”I can even talk about mensuration with my girl friends”

Wilson’ Kshetri, 16: ”If you want to know more about SRH, you can visit the rockets and space center”