Five things you should know about our youth space stations


1.We have trained youth- friendly staffs  

Our youth space stations have trained youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health service providers who work competently and sensitively with young people. All of our staffs are trained in providing youth-friendly services to our young clients. They are familiar with adolescent physiology and development. They are welcoming to young people’s sexual and reproductive health issues and have good interpersonal communications skills. They are non-judgmental and respect young people’s needs and decisions.

2. We provide privacy and confidentiality  

Privacy and confidentiality are extremely important to young people. Our counseling sessions and examinations are private and our service providers maintain confidentiality on young people’s issues.

3. We offer pop-up volunteers as peer counselors  

We have employed youth pop-up volunteers as peer counselors who are trained in sexual and reproductive issues. According to insight study (marie stopes internation, msi 2015 helping marie stopes international increase cyps via more effective and successful insight led marketing; interim qualitative report, nepal) young people like to receive information about srh form their peers. Therefore, youth pop-up volunteers are working as peer counselors who are available as alternatives or to supplement some aspects of the counseling activities.

4. Our space stations are youth oriented  
Our youth service centres offer separate space, special times, or both seem important for young people such as students, marginalized young people who are especially suspicious of mainstream healthcare. Our space station providers an opportunity to young people to receive information on srh and services without any judgement and stigma. Our youth space station is also open on saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Youth pop-up volunteers provide orientation to young clients and our service providers are available for counseling and service.Young people prefer to learn about sensitive issues on their own, using written or audiovisual materials, because their level of discomfort can be too great to retain information during a face-to-face session. Therefore, our space stations have educational materials available. They can take away our rockets & space merchanise like notebooks, pens, faq booklets and refer to them later, particularly if the topics are complicated.
5. Our fees are affordable  
Family planning services are free of cost in all youth centres. Services in our youth centres are offered at low cost, possibly on a sliding scale.  We also provide young people an opportunity to call our meri saathi free helpline numbers to discussion on the topic one-to-one with our counselors over phone if they hestitate to talk with our on sensitive and complicated issues.