In today’s world when it is normal to have someone to love, I am not shy about telling the whole world about my boyfriend! My boyfriend often thinks I am smart, beautiful inside and out, responsible yet open to relationships and sex that is why he likes me. After having met him through mutual friends, our connection was quick and we had nothing to hide from each other. Being a modern couple, we often talked about where our relationship was going and often talked about sex. Because I was quick with things and smart, I never had to worry about the various problems I might face from sex and was always on top of things with the wide knowledge that I had. What did I do that mesmerized my boyfriend? Read tips that I have for you below!

Be yourself. Being smart and outgoing is one thing but when you try too hard to be someone you are not; it might just backfire on you. Be who you are and let him fall in love with the real you!

Remember that although a man should be a gentleman, a woman should always have her grounds on things too. Being too pushy and bossy might not be helpful if you want a healthy relationship. Always remember that a mutual consent is priority and making decisions together will flourish your relationship!

Personal hygiene is a typically vital thing. You might be going through puberty and might be conscious about the way you smell but wearing a deodorant (not too much) is a way to save yourself!

You are a strong, independent woman and you might have good friends and don’t bias amongst boys and girls. But make sure that you do not come across as a ‘player’ dating around several men at once!

Be humble. Of course we girls love to gossip but don’t make fun of him or his friends and family. By talking about someone else, it shows him that when she is not with you, you might be talking about him.

If you’re unsure about any part of your date, consult with a male friend of the about same age as your companion. Better safe than sorry!

Learn when it’s OK to break these rules, but wait until you’re experienced. I have made a couple of silly mistakes in the past as well like everyone does. But take them as a learning process. Don’t let that hurt your ego too much.


Helpful Tips

If you have liked/crushed on the guy for a long time, sometimes mentioning the little things you did to get his attention will be ‘cute’ to him. Note – this entirely depends on the type of guy and generally isn’t recommended unless things are going really well, or it’s the 2nd/3rd date.   To know more about Sexual and Reproductive Health call our Meri Saathi Free Helpline numbers

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