Healthy Relationships

A lot of relationships these days happen online and it was not a surprise when I met my girlfriend while exploring the internet.  Connected through mutual friends, we instantly found love and decided that we were meant to be and honestly, I have never been happier. My friends call me and my girlfriend love birds just because we call each other ‘Buda and Budi’ and we are inseparable.  Haha! Apart from that, they often tell me that they envy my relationship and often want to know what the secret behind my everlasting love is. Well, I am not the ‘Guru of Love’ but I can definitely give you some tips on maintaining a good relationship, right? Listed below are my secret tips that I am sharing just with you all- do let me know if I am missing anything or I would love to hear back from you about your love stories!

Don’t be the over smart one. Smart men and ‘Over Smart’ men have a clear difference between them. A little showing off is alright if it is done in good fun. If you are cocky, you push it, or turn to be a hero, or you overstep any boundaries here, you will come off as a complete moron. Watch it.

Don’t be pushy or bossy. Always remember that taking consent from your girl is a priority. Do not demand you go to a particular restaurant or a movie. Make decisions together- that is very important.

Personal hygiene is typically a vital thing. Always wear deodorant, smell good (too much cologne is bad, though).

Don’t come across as a “player” or date around. Girls will not like that and you will have that reputation forever.

Always be polite to her parents or family members if you happen to meet them. When they talk to you, be sure to answer them, not ignore them. If the parents don’t like you, chances are you won’t be seeing her again.

Let your date decide what to do for your date. It’s best to think of a few options for activities or locations. This shows the girl that you’ve taken initiative but that you’ve still left her a choice to make.

Mutual understanding is very important and that is the thing that keeps the relationship going. Keep in mind that she is just as nervous as you are.

Don’t make fun of her or her friends and family. By talking about someone else, it shows her that when she is not with you, you might be talking about her.

Girls will constantly test you; keep your confidence and frame of mind and don’t let their little things bother you. BE STRONG.

If you have liked/crushed on the girl for a long time, sometimes mentioning the little things you did to get her attention will be ‘cute’ to her. Note – this entirely depends on the type of girl and generally isn’t recommended unless things are going really well, or it’s the 2nd/3rd date.

If you’re unsure about any part of your date, consult with a female friend of the about same age as your companion. Better safe than sorry!

Learn when it’s OK to break these rules, but wait until you’re experienced. I have made a couple of silly mistakes in the past as well like everyone does. But take them as a learning process. Don’t let that hurt your ego too much.

If she asks you on a second date and you don’t like her, say something like “No thanks, I’m not really up to it.” She’ll get the hint. Learn to respect women and you will get that back!

Don’t back talk or disagree to something personal that is brought up or it will come across as offensive. Communication is key to any successful relationship.

Take things slowly and say no if need be. If you rush the relationship she may find it creepy or scary. Just go with the flow.

After several months of being in a relationship, my girlfriend and I were keen on taking our cherished relationship to the next level. My girlfriend was worried about the leap but she was not aware about all the research I had done to make sure that our next step would be 100% fun and 200% safe. So what all did I actually know?


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Helpful Tip

When considering what to do for your date, it’s best to think of a few options for activities or locations and then let your date decide among them. This shows the girl that you’ve taken initiative but that you’ve still left her a choice to make.  

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