Period Shamming

We- Rocketis always every month go through “monthly bleeding” for 4-6 days. It is simply called as menstruation. However, many names menstruation as periods, mahinawari, na-chune huny, rajaswola, or a number of other local and weird synonyms. Yes! Code words that only help to mystify the natural process that we- Rocketis go through every month. So, STOP “PERIOD SHAMMING”. Let’s understand menstruation and female health which is equally important for overall well-being.

We- Rocketis are brought up saying “Menstruation is totally women’s issue.” We are not allowed to speak about it with anyone. Yes. NOT AT ALL with boys. If we do, we are judged. However, here in Rockets & Space we believe even Rock-Ketas could stand to learn a little something as well and STOP “PERIOD SHAMMING”.

We come across with unreasonable customs during our life time when it comes to menstruation. People!! Menstruation is not an easy thing in a woman’s life. Those pain, stress and fear! Even harder to survive period shamming. These unrealistic customs have made it a night mare. Biologically, menstruation is a very good sign indicating the fact that a woman has a healthy reproductive cycle. However, in many religions and cultures a menstruating girl is perceived quite different and there are many superstitions surrounding it. Our culture and religion are the main reason for existence of “PERIOD SHAMMING”.  Some of superstitions are:

  1. You are not allowed to visit a temple or offer prayer to God while you are menstruating. There is a belief that a menstruating girl is impure and hence, should not even touch anything that shall be given as an offering to God. Seriously, if you are talking about our blood that bleed is impure. Excuse me! The same blood would have been nutrition to a fetus working inside the uterus if we have convinced. It is the biological key to a woman’s motherhood. So how can this be impure??
  2. Girls who menstruate are considered “impure” and hence are not allowed to enter the kitchen. This is good. At least during these days a woman can take a leave from her daily chores and relax. However, it is myth again. People believe the food cooked by woman on her menstruation would be unhygienic and unclean. Well, I have cooked food for my family during my period. Ahh!! Without understanding the logic behind it people still follow it blindly.
  3. This one if the funnies! You cannot touch pickle when you are in your period. It is believed that the pickle rots away. Well there is perhaps no logical explanation behind this.


Most Rocketis do not realize this: when somebody implies that someone’s being irrational because they are in their period or acts grossed out about it, that’s definitely period shamming. Also, most of the time you are compelled to hide your period- this is period shamming.


To know more about menstruation, please call our Meri Sathi Free Helpline Numbers 16600119756 or 9801119756.