Be Period Positive- FOR A CHANGE

By Tenzing Lhamo Nepali- Communications Intern 

Menstruation is very much shamed in our society and we don’t have to go far to find examples of this. It is high time we educate ourselves and others on an open menstruation talk. Since we learn so many negative things about periods from such a young age, being period-positive takes much effort.

In our Nepali society, menstruation is considered as a stigma and we have seen from an early age that the discussion about menstruation is generally done in whispers or in secrecy, so from a young age we are discouraged to talk about it and get support for reproductive health issues. We get the sense that periods are something to be ashamed about when in fact it is natural and occurs in half of the world’s population. It is the right of every person who menstruates to be able to manage their period in a safe, private and healthy way. Here are four ways we can aim to be more period positive in our everyday lives.

  • Buy tampons and pads without shame

Menstruation is a topic which is considered as a stigma in our society. It is common to see most people when shopping for pads for themselves or for others have it wrapped up in a newspaper because they are ashamed of being seen carrying it.

  • Talk about period with your friends

We share a lot of things with our friends but sometimes hesitate to talk about menstruation. When people who menstruate share their experiences with their friends like their first period stories, this not only helps in lifting the veil off the topic of menstruation but also helps in learning more about the topic of menstruation.

  • Educate kids and parents about period

Many of the parents in our Nepali society lack the needed information on menstruation and shy away from discussing it with their offspring. Generally, the mother or the female head of the family takes on the role of helping members who experience their first period. But, members of the family who don’t menstruate must also show their full support and not be ashamed to openly discuss it.

  •  Discuss period as a normal topic

When menstruation is dealt as a normal topic and is discussed casually, the taboo surrounding it will slowly be removed from the society and people will soon get comfortable talking about it.

  • Circulate Meri Saathi Free Helpline numbers 

Meri Saathi provides accurate and reliable information and counseling on menstruation health, hygiene and management. It has trained counselors providing telephonic counseling every day from 7:00 am to 12:00 am. I encourage to circulate the Meri Saathi free helpline numbers 16600119756/9801119756 among you friends, family and relatives. The phone calls are free of cost. Or you can inbox your message about your period in our Rockets & Space FB page. Be an ADVOCATE and spread the knowledge.

These are just a few ways that you can adopt to join the period positive movement and make a difference. Along with these ideas, anyone who has other ideas to take forward the period positive movement can implement or adopt them in their everyday lives to break the silence on period shamming.