Youth Building Peace- International Youth Day 2017

The theme of International Youth Day is Youth Building Peace. August 12 has been declared as International Youth Day by the United Nations and the theme for this year is dedicated to celebrating young people’s contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace. Young people’s inclusion in the peace and security agenda and in society more broadly is the key to building and sustaining peace. If more active youth take part in the peace building and sustaining progress, then this will result in more success rates of these activities as youth comprise of a large population in this generation. As opposed to the older population, younger people have more energy, time and better analyzing power to find ways to manage and reduce possible conflicts. So, it makes more sense that young people in this generation become more involved than ever in various peace building and sustaining activities. Conflict is constant; there may be different faces and causes of different conflicts but conflicts in general are never-ending. So, youth who cover a large portion of the population should be involved in conflict management activities and eventually bring about peace in the world.

In today’s age, we can witness many conflicts especially in our country. The lack of education, services, basic facilities, and the continuous cycle of poverty for people living in the rural areas may be the reason why we witness so many conflicts because social injustices and dominating behavior towards women in general are more prevalent in underdeveloped countries like Nepal. Youth should be motivated by themselves, family and society to build peace in their community and the world.

International Youth Day 2017 can be a good platform for all the youth of today to gather all their strength and be united for the cause of peace building and sustainability. Now, more than ever, this is important because many conflicts have been occurring in the world and these conflicts will not be resolved until and unless someone takes a stand. Even in the context of Nepal, there are many youth-led organizations which focus their activities and programs not only on economic prosperity and positive development of country but also in peace building and sustainability. There are many youth-led organizations which organize many creative activities focusing on nation building and most importantly peace building and sustainability in the country. Even when the massive 2015 Earthquake occurred in Nepal, the youth of Nepal came together to organize many reconstruction activities where they selflessly volunteered to carry out reformation activities. Thus, it proves that the youth of Nepal have tremendous power and energy to lead Nepal to the road of development.