International Condom Day

“Welcome to Meri Sathi Free Helpline. How can we help you?”

Astronaut (Green) – AM I talking to Meri Sathi Counselor? I have questions related to condom. Can condom be reused? I have heard using condom does not give your pleasure or satisfaction. What if I use double condom to be super protected from STIs and HIV. What if the condom rupture during sex?

Young people are still confused about using condom. We receive a lot of queries related to CONDOM and its usage in Meri Sathi as well as in Rockets & Space Facebook page. Talking to few young people we came across that peer pressure is another reason for young people not using condom during sex. The avoid using it because they listen to their friends and trust them. They are more focused to have causal sex in their adolescent and youth age rather than having safe sex.

On the occasion of “International Condom day”, Rockets & Space organizes event like distributing condoms with accurate and correct information. We promote our own brand “JODI CONDOM”. With condom with provide people with our popular condom sleeve which has different sex position and illustration on using condom correctly.

Through our Rockets & Space Stations that we placed in various areas around our Youth Friendly Marie Stopes Centers, we bust the myth around CONDOM. Our youth pop-up volunteers help other young people to know the facts about condom and bust the myths. The people are requested to visit our Marie Stopes Centers for further counseling or call our Meri Sathi Free Helpline.

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