Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE’S DAY is quite popular among young people. They wait for this day to celebrate love and opt new relationship with commitment. It’s so romantic to watch young people going hand in hand, kissing each other, surprise gifts and celebrating the only day of love. Young people, generally express their people to their partner on this day. It’s popularly known as “propose”. Some actually gets real love and few tries to impress each other due to peer pressure. Sex life among young people is never planned neither they think of having sex on the same day. It just happen. We call it opportunistic sex.

We were really interested to know whether young people are open to talk about their sex life and plan contraceptive in between. Rockets & Space organized a love letter competition where young people have to write a romantic letter addressing Rocketa or Rocketa and explain the importance of contraceptives in their love life. Our official Facebook and Khuldulee promoted the event massively.  We received more than 60 love letters from young people from all over the Nepal through mail and email. Young people working aboard also participated.