Menstruation and Role of Fathers

Rockets & Space team always wonders why we still need to educate people about menstrual health and hygiene. Menstruation being biological process is always associated with misconceptions which further creates debate linked with culture/tradition. Awareness campaign have been initiated by various organizations to debunk the myths associated with menstrual health. However, this time we organized a session with fathers’ group in coordination with NFCC on Menstrual Hygiene Management to mark the “World Menstrual Hygiene Day, 2017”.

Rockets & Space aims to establish sustainable programs to exercise the fundamental rights of enjoying sexual and reproductive health responsibly. Recognizing the importance of educating parents along with boys and girls, the session on fathers’ group was conducted. The session was filled with enthusiastic participants. Our youth-friendly counselor disseminated information on menstrual hygiene to the curious audience. The session received positive feedback from the participants. One of the participants/father had a question regarding her daughter. He was concerned that she always skipped classes when she was on her menstruation and if this was normal or if it required visiting a doctor. His question was appreciated by the counselor as it indicated his concern for his daughter. The counselor answered that there may be many possible reasons for her behavior; it could be due to embarrassment, pain or discomfort. He was advised that her daughter be made aware of menstruation being a natural process and not consider it as something to be ashamed about. If possible, he was advised to send his daughter to a Marie Stopes Center for further counseling. Other participants were encouraged to raise their queries after his question.

During the session on menstrual health, a commitment from fathers (participants) was requested to signed off. The commitment says they will share correct information on menstruation to their daughters, sisters and wives. They will also talk about home-made menstrual pads to be cleaned properly and dried in the sunlight. They committed to be watchdogs in their community to start discussion on how male family members can contribute to menstrual hygiene management.

महिनावारी र महिला स्वास्थको कुरालाई स्कुल शिक्षाबाटै अझ प्रभावकारी बनाउन आवश्यक छ ।

It has been years that youth focused program Rockets & Space has been conducting and supporting events like these which work towards uplifting the standard of sexual and reproductive healthcare system of our country. It achieves its objectives through various activities; community based health programs, peer education, distributing free helpline (Meri Saathi) numbers, tailored education materials and other means appropriate to the specific community in which it is working. It has even developed a radio program ( which has high number of youth listeners who seek to get information on SRH. Rockets & Space works toward providing comprehensive choices on SRHR.