Journey Towards SRHR

My name is Shreehar Joshi and I am currently pursuing my A levels at Budhanilkantha school. This is my experience of the first day of the three days training of trainers’ workshop on young people’s sexual and reproductive health & rights.

Arduous journey, it seemed, especially considering the fact that I belonged to the sex that was in minority in the program. But slowly as the intricate thread of reproductive health began to unravel, I was enlightened with the issues that, though being an integral part of one’s life, no one prefers to speak in open.

IMG_8195My initial impression of the program was in direct contrast with what I noticed.The workshop was professional with highly trained experts in the field of reproductive health imparting their valuable words and I felt as if I were attending a crucial conference on a highly raised national issue. Twenty nine students from five of the best schools in Kathmandu valley, and I along with three of my friends representing Budhanilkantha School, with a common aim: to discuss about the reproductive health.

Throughout the program, not only did I learn to be open in reproductive issues but I also learned more about different forms of gender discrimination that our society is harboring, all of which stand on the weak pillars that our illiterate and patriarchic society had once fabricated for their vested interest.

Needless to say, the food was delicious. It really infatuated my taste buds and if the program would not, I am sure, that the food would definitely drag me all the way from my home to come to this workshop on the second and the third day.

Lastly I would like to thank Hold my Hand Nepal and Marie Stopes Nepal to have organized such a wonderful program for the youths of the country where one has to face several consequences just because of the lack of proper knowledge about reproductive issues. The journey’s still on and I am waiting impatiently to devour the knowledge which I will be provided in the days to come.