An Act of Love

We Rock-Ketas do believe that men’s involvement in the family planning is the most. When it comes to family planning, men think its women’s business. However, in realities “male” partners are the one who is making decision whether his partner should opt contraceptives or not. You must be surprised that a young boy is talking about family planning but this is how you aware people, right!!

Girls have choices of more than 5 contraceptive devices when it comes to controlling their own body. There are oral contraceptive pills, IUCD, Implant, injectable, female condoms and more. And permanent methods, tubal ligation are available for those who want to limit further childbearing. There are only two modern contraceptive methods for men: vasectomy and condoms.

Yesterday I was listening to and the episode was dedicated to World Vasectomy Day. The theme for 2016 is An Act Of Love- Mayako Ek Abhibhakti. I learned so many things about vasectomy from the program. I just wanted to share some facts about vasectomy here.

  1. What is a Vasectomy?  Vasectomy is a permanent method of male contraception. It is a simple surgical procedure that seals the sperm-carrying tubes to prevent sperm from entering the fluid that we (male) ejaculate. The procedure usually takes just 10 minutes.
  2. Why choose vasectomy? The main reasons men choose to have vasectomy are that either they have completed their family and have decided to take permanent responsibility for contraception, or in some cases, may not wish to have children at all.
  3. Is a vasectomy 100% effective? Both vasectomy and female sterilization are the most effective long-term methods of contraception. However, there is a very small possibility of failure, less than 1%, with either method.
  4. How is a vasectomy performed? The sperm carrying tubes are called the vas deferens and these tubes come from a man’s testicles. When a vasectomy is performed the vas deferens are sealed to stop sperm getting through. This does not affect the ejaculate fluid as this comes from a different area called the seminal gland. A fast acting local anaesthetic is given, which quickly numbs the area. We are also able to offer sedation at some of our centres if you are feeling very apprehensive. At Marie Stopes centres a cautery technique is used. The incision to locate the vas deferens is very tiny and no scalpel or stitches are needed, except in very rare cases. The vasectomy procedure takes about 10-15 minutes to perform. After a vasectomy the testicles will continue to produce sperm as normal, but it cannot enter the tubes and is simply reabsorbed into the body.
  5. Is a vasectomy effective straight away?
    No, as there will be some sperm left in your tubes after the procedure and you will still need to use another method of contraception for four to five months until the tubes have cleared. It is recommended to use Condom if you want to have intercourse right after vasectomy. Using Condom is safe and effective as it protects from STIs as well.
  6. There is no firm evidence linking vasectomy to cancer of the prostate or testicles. However Marie Stopes Nepal advises all men, whether or not they have had a vasectomy, to undergo regular health screening. It is also important to get into the habit of regularly checking your testicles for lumps.
  7. Vasectomy and your sex life Some men naturally worry that a vasectomy will affect their enjoyment of sex. Having a vasectomy has no effect on your hormones, orgasm or ejaculation, so there is no reason why a vasectomy should have a negative impact on your sex life.
    In fact, many couples say they enjoy sex more afterwards as they can be completely spontaneous without worrying about an unintended pregnancy. The fluid you ejaculate will look exactly the
    same; the only difference will be there are no sperm in it.

Meri Saathi Free Helpline provides detail information on vasectomy. It is just a call away. Dial 16600119756 (NTC)/9801119756(NCell) to discuss with trained counselors about your choice. It is available everyday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. Remember the phone call is free of cost.