Rockets & Space is a youth-centric initiative of Sunaulo Parivar Nepal and Marie Stopes Nepal. It is meant to offer a youth-friendly platform for discussion, expert information dissemination, service provision and also delivery. The brand-extension promises a non-judgmental, discrete and open platform for interaction in new media that is preferred by youths such as; mobile, social and digital media platforms and also youth-friendly and spaces (Space Stations) for open discussions. Rockets & Space does not just address sexual reproductive health, it does so by linking all this to the overall health and aspirations of youths.

The ‘Rocket’ represents the male sexual organ, the penis and the ‘Space’ represents the complexity of the female sexual organ. The brand also utilizes characters to address issues (myths, misconceptions, social stigma and age hierarchy) that youths have with sexual reproductive health and aim to engage youths to understand their rights, their bodies, sex and all the implications of the utilization of modern methods of contraception and safe abortion services.