Rockets & Space is a youth-centric initiative of Sunaulo Parivar Nepal and Marie Stopes Nepal. It is meant to offer a youth-friendly platform for discussion, expert information dissemination, service provision and also delivery. The brand-extension promises a non-judgmental, discrete and open platform for interaction in new media that is preferred by youths such as; mobile, social and digital media platforms and also youth-friendly and spaces (Space Stations) for open discussions. Rockets & Space does not just address sexual reproductive health, it does so by linking all this to the overall health and aspirations of youths.

The ‘Rocket’ represents the male sexual organ, the penis and the ‘Space’ represents the complexity of the female sexual organ. The brand also utilizes characters to address issues (myths, misconceptions, social stigma and age hierarchy) that youths have with sexual reproductive health and aim to engage youths to understand their rights, their bodies, sex and all the implications of the utilization of modern methods of contraception and safe abortion services.


Popup Bio


Pabitra Bhattarai

19 years, Ms. Pabitra Bhattrai is +2 student who has been actively working in the field of SRH since 2 years. As a pop-up volunteer she believes in working for the social cause and has conducted various health education and awareness programs among youths, schools and community in SRH issues. She aspires to be a real social activist.

Roni Shakya

Ms. Roni Shakya is 23 years old Bachelor student. She has been working as a pop-up volunteer since 2 years. She wants to utilize all her skills, knowledge and experience to aware youth about improving knowledge and ideas about SRHR. She states that, “Many people still lack the knowledge about SRHR and even if they have knowledge they don’t want to share; even teacher and student they are not teaching and studying about its topic in friendly and informative environment.” So she wants to advocate people about SRHR and its’ issues.

Sajan Shakya

Mr. Sajan Shakya is 19 years old pop-up volunteer. As a pop-up volunteer he has been working on the health issues of youth and sensitizing public on the issues of sexual and reproductive health rights and STIs. He believes his efforts will be directed towards the creation of an SRHR friendly society.

Pranita Shakya

18 years old Ms. Pranita Shakya has been involved in 12 various trainings on various issues through different organization. She is an enthusiastic and determined youth activist in the field of sexual and reproductive health. She has been working as pop-up volunteer since last 3 months and she is highly motivated to work in health issues and create a positive impact on the health of adolescents and youth.

Melina Maharjan

Ms. Melina Maharjan is 22 years old bachelor student with ambition in abundance.  According to her working in SRH field has broaden her perspective her efforts will be directed towards the creation of an SRHR friendly society. She believes in bringing about substantial positive change in her society, with regard to SRHR issues, and aspires to empower herself as well as fellow youth through the challenging process.

Minu Sujakhu

Ms. Minu Sujakhu is 22 years old student of social work. She states that, “SRH has always been my field of interest therefore, to explore and share my knowledge with the youths I chose to work as pop up volunteer.“ She has been dedicatedly working as pop-up volunteer since last 6 months. She believes that the experience she has and will gain by working in this field will boost her personality and career too.

Suraj Khadka

20 years, Mr. Suraj Khadka had been involved in different organizations working on various issues of youths. He got fascinated by the work of pop-up volunteers of MSI and through that motivation he has been working in the SRH issue of youths as pop-up volunteer since Jan 2016. Suraj is very dedicated towards this sensitive issue and says that, “Youths are the change makers so we are the ones who should initiate it”.

Amrit Bista

MR. Amrit Bista aged 21 years old has been working as pop-up volunteer in Kathmandu district since last 6 months. He is a fun loving guy who has interest in modeling and believes that working in the field of SRH has made him more confident to put his opinions towards the mass. He is sure that working in this field will nurture him both professionally and personally as well he will be contribution to the society through his active efforts.


Ajaya Shrestha

21 years old fun loving guy, Ajaya Shrestha joined pop-up volunteer on Jan 2016 at Pokhara. He has great interest in singing and wishes to provide information to people on SRH with the media of music. He is very innovative and has great ability to capture the attention of mass. He aspires to study social work and keep continue working at MSC.

Suresh Dura

Suresh Dura has joined pop-up volunteer at Pokhara since Jan 2016. He follows his own conscience, even when it seemed to contradict what is expected. He likes to deal with the challenges so SRH being the very challenging topic in our society he decided to work in this field and aware people about its various aspects. He wants to keep on working in this field ad pursue higher studies in social work.

Sharmila Pariyar

Sharmila Pariyar is 24 years old pop-up volunteer of Pokhara who has been working since last two years. She herself coming from the marginalized caste group understands the need of flowing information on SRH to the people in this group. She wants to set an example to the society that a female from marginalized group can also work for the betterment of the society on the sensitive issue like SRH.

Shree Krishna Poudel

Shree Krishna Poudel was motivated to join pop-up Pokhara by his friend who had been working here since last 2 years. He joined on Jan 2016 and finds the work quite fascinating. He had shy nature initially but now he believes that because of the work and the environment provided at MSC for pop-ups, he can now easily talk about the sensitive issue like SRH even in the mass. He is very happy to have achieved what he has from being pop-up volunteer.

Govinda Poudel

24 years old, Govinda Poudel is the pop-up of Pokhara who comes from the remote village of Syangja. As he is from the rural area he had been witnessing many SRH related complications among the people where he come from. So, the suffering of people motivated him to work in this field so that he could aware people about the various aspects of SRH and help them lead a healthy and pain free life.

Sushma Shrestha

Sushma Shrestha is 24 years old pop-up of Pokhara. She has been contributing to the project since last two years. She always has the interest in social work so that is what motivated her to join the pop-up team. She feels extremely delighted to work in the field of SRH as people do not openly talk about it and there is still a great need of information gap among the people.

Durga KC

Durga KC is one of the pop-up volunteers in Pokhara since last two years. Being the permanent residence of Pokhara, Ms. KC knows the culture and behavior of the people there. Thus, acknowledging the requirement of mass and understanding their demand she has been working brilliantly to aware people about importance of SRHR. She aspires to keep working in this field as she knows this has been the burning issue of our society since the ages.

Tulsi Gurung

24 years old Tulsi Gurung has been working as a pop-up volunteer since last two years in Pokhara. She is extremely dedicated towards disseminating information about SRH in her society. Ms. Gurung is confident and possesses convincing personality to make people in her surrounding accept the importance of talking about SRH and implementing quality services related to it.


Laxmi Rajbanshi

Laxmi is social and self-motivated volunteer who likes to updates her methods as per the necessity. She often alters her way to get the best of the mass and situation. Change the space and the organization of the chairs to suit activities and create variety.  She starts with a circle or semi-circle so that everyone can see each other. The impressiveness of her work is that she believes in change; a positive one and is never afraid to implement one.

Tulshi Shah

Tushi Shah is a pleasant yet pragmatic volunteer who grasps the necessity of the mass very well. He is analytical and articulates work in the language with which most participants are comfortable. This makes a big difference in helping participants get a better understanding of complicated issues. He feels extremely delighted to work in the field of SRH.

Rugina Bhujel

Rugina has shown her understanding well and hence proved herself as a diligent and creative volunteer. She helps her participants to actively participate in the session via creative reporting i.e. n the form of a picture, role play, talk show or other creative manner. This keeps the training lively, active and fun.

Srijana Jimme

Srijana Jimme is a pop-up volunteer who is observant and methodological. She excels at getting started even in the most reserved or closed mass. Organizing games and songs to help participants relax feel more confident and have some fun. She is entertaining and her methods are highly effective.

Sangita Thapa

Sangita Thapa is 25 years old cheerful person and a very good team worker. She plans her sessions well ahead of her schedule and discuss her works with other co-workers and the seniors to make them more rewarding. She is always early at the venue to get everything organized and to welcome participants as they arrive.

Dhiraj Goswami

Dhiraj is highly innovative person who brings out optimism among the mass and manages conflict well. He urges the mass to state their concerns and their reasons for the conflict – to help everyone understand the issues and avoid making assumptions. He is very happy to have achieved what he has and wants to explore more in the field of SRH.

Babin Khanal

Babin is a very active member who tends to be very friendly and loves challenges. He builds an open atmosphere in which participants feel comfortable talking about various SRH issues. He encourages open and frank discussion and commends participants who display openness.

Neha Bhattarai

Neha Bhattarai has joined pop-up on Jan 2016 who believes in education with entertainment. She applies the edutainment method to reach to mass and make the impact on them fascinatingly. Her leadership ability is something to be admired. She handles sensitive issues well and prepares herself to discuss the issues without feeling uncomfortable.

Leja Bhattarai

Leja is one of the most driven team member of pop-up who have a lot of enthusiasm in social work. She is sharp and sincere in her works and possesses complete knowledge of the local SRHR landscape. She has not only become bold and zealous herself but has managed to encourage the mass too.


Rishikesh Thakur

Rishikesh Thakur is 25 years Pop-up volunteer of Birgunj who has completed his Bachelor level study. He has been actively participating in the group to disseminate information on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues through formal and informal youth groups and initiatives to solicit universal access to reproductive health.

Sajan Kumar Chaudhary

Sajan Kumar Chaudhary joined Pop-Up since March 2016. The cognition on the issues of sexual health, sexual rights, reproductive health and reproductive rights are the core knowledge that he has received. Mr. Chaudhary wants to improve the quality of life of youth by sensitizing and advocating sexual reproductive health and rights, to eliminate the existing gap in the issues.

Nishi Rauniyar

Nishi Rauniyar has been working as Pop-Up volunteer since last 2 years. She believes in working for the social cause and has conducted various health education and awareness programs among the mother’s group, schools and community in topics such as HIV and AIDS. She aspires to be a real social activist.

Aarti Kumari Upadhyaya

Aarti is a 19 yrs, enthusiastic and well-determined person who has a keen interest in SRH issues. She is fun loving and loves to dance. In future, she really wants to work for young people and definitely the young girls of Nepal, the issues of genders hindrance, all the social barriers that are acting as obstacles for younger people to work productively.

Dipendra Pandit

Dipendra is insightful and intellectual volunteer who understands the use of SRH services; has a good understanding of SRHR issues and has the skills to help other young people achieve their SRHR by accessing SRH services. He is sharp and resourceful as a volunteer who wants to keep going as he oozes passion in this field.

Sumnima Rajbahak

Sumnina Rajbahak is a 25 years pop-up of Birgunj. She has been working as pop-up since last two years. Ms. Rajbahak is a passionate person who demonstrates ambitious character in her works. She generates a sense of enthusiasm about the new knowledge they acquire throughout the course. She addresses young people’s SRHR challenges and advocate for improved SRHR of young people in their communities.

Subash Kumar Yadav

Subash is a pop-up volunteer of Birgunj who is a dedicated volunteer who possesses leadership skills in addressing the SRHR challenges/issues of young people in the community by advocating for improved access and availability of youth friendly SRHR services. He is extremely dedicated to his works.

Kajal Giri

Kajal Giri is a very friendly and generous pop- up volunteer of Birgunj who has excellent communication skills. She is well informed about SRHR issues affecting young people and can share information and knowledge with other young people; help other young people overcome SRHR challenges and give advice.

Sabina Thapa

20 years Sabina Thapa is a reliable and sincere Sabina observes the groups’ body language very tactfully. Her intelligence helps in deciding when to probe further on an issue and when to back off. She can work out strategies to discuss sensitive topics and handle them effectively.